Data make a formidable come back as the heart and soul of Internet applications. More than raw material, they  arrive from more diverse sources, in all kind of format and shape. Aside of the sheer volume of information to be ingested by companies information systems, data quality is a burning issue. More than other industries, Culture and Entertainment are conscious of formidable challenge of data management, resulting from the impact of the digitization of works and customer centric orientation driven by Internet and mobile.

Meaning Engines, founded in 2008 by Music enthusiasts and technologists,  is at the forefront of this conversation. We  apply in a systematic and reasoned way Semantic and AI technologies to the management of reference data (Semantic Master Data Management) at the service of Cultural Industries and first and foremost the Music Industry (works, recordings, critics, artists etc..). We initiate  the project Discotheka for this very purpose.

Discotheka,  our Musical assets management solution, is built on top of  Meaning Engines, our Semantic Master Data Management platform,  and leverage Meaning Engines technology stack. We build ontologies, search engines, collection , data enrichment and cleaning toolset, on the whole lifecycle of the data.

Why this “Meaning Engines » name of yours ? 

First, because we build Engines (yes we are shameless scientists and engineers !), that helps our clients to find and extract meaning (so the Meaning !) from all their data. We love art and culture, so we hope to bring tools worthy of it to the practitioners in those industries. And last but not least. There are search engines, recommendation engines…. But Meaning is what make all that stuff stick together. Sense matters.  So, let make sense of what you have,  and start to explore and discover !