Founded in 1992 and independent since the beginning, Ourouk is a management consulting firm that exploits information and optimizes expertise. The firm is composed of a team of 14 consultants, all highly qualified in information systems, document management systems – from their creation to archiving – database management, marketing, and information and communications technologies.

Ourouk’s activities

Audits – research and consulting – performance analysis

All too often, companies launch major information system restructuration projects before carrying out the necessary detailed research, without analyzing requirements, the organization already in place, or state-of-the-art information. By working with an experienced specialist consultant right from the beginning, the project is consequently much more efficient, organized and methodical, guaranteeing success in the implementation phase.

Project management assistance and consulting

Companies entrust us with the framework of their programs and we provide assistance in their project management program, handling the whole project cycle, from the preliminary study through to the application stage, or focusing on certain key stages in the project cycle.


Ourouk is an accredited training organization, developing and producing tailor-made solutions for clients or providing intra- or inter-company training sessions for partner training organizations, structured on themes linked to information management.


Ourouk provides its clients with a wide range of added-value services in the following fields: recovery of information holdings, structural corpora procedures, indexation, document digitization; text, image, sound.