Software and tools created by DOREMUS project

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OVERTURE  allows you to explore a thematic corpus of data about the works of Ludwig van Beethoven and Henry Dutilleux. This data is also available in our triplestore at

DOREMUS Triple Store 


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SILK configuration files Interconnect musical dataset. Find SILK configuration files used by DOREMUS

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VIZSKOS Visualizer for SKOS-based Thesaurus

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OWL2CVS Publish OWL ontology as CSV spreadsheets with table for classes, properties and properties available by classes. For support contact Jean Delahousse visualizer Visualize and navigate into semantic annotations. View demo. For support contact Pasquale Lisena

Software and tools used by DOREMUS project

SILK The Linked Data Integration Framework

YAM++ alignment solution for ontologies and controlled vocabularies